About Us


TERMOINDUZIONE srl is a European leading provider for Induction Heating Solutions.

We have thirty-years roots in the field of Induction Heating and the eyes always pointed to the future. Today more than ever.
Only recently, in 2010, the two well known companies, formerly “TIG” and “DS Bobine” decided to join their experience in the induction to generate the current company asset.


We are an experienced, reliable and affordable company, able to provide from the singular inductor to the entire turn-key solution.
Our aim has always been to be a company Problem Solver, able to develop customized solutions that help our clients to grow up their business in Induction Heating of metals.

Let us analyze your needed and then we offer you the solution and the certainty to have it realized well and in time. This because one of our Technical Specialist will be dedicated to manage and monitor all phases from the idea to the production.


Termoinduzione invests great parts of its resources in a continuous process of research & Development, finding new technological solutions.
The technical department, both mechanical and electronic, uses valuable and highly qualified human resources able to take advantage of modern technologies in the field of design.
What the market is recognizing us is uncompromising quality, and a performant customer service.

CMPII_ISO9001_ING_colResources are also invested both in the maintenance of the ISO 9001, quality process in order to guarantee the customer a serious and reliable partner and in the organization of a commercial network next to the customer, with a dedicated Sales structure and even through the presence at international fairs of the sector.


Our job start where the client wants and ends where the client wants

“…TERMOINDUZIONE srl is the tailor of induction heating, which can take measurements and build upon the solution…”
-Dott. Giancarlo Rampezzotti

“…There is real progress only when the benefits of new technology are for all…”
-Henry Ford

 “…The difficulty is not to believe in new ideas but in escaping from old…”
-John Maynard Keynes

 “…Nothing great has been done to the world without the contribution of the passion…”
-Georg Hegel