Today, at this precise moment, in many parts of the world, our customers are producing large number of mechanical components that are under various processes such as Induction Metal Casting, Induction Heating before Forging, Induction Heating for Temperature Recovering before rolling mills, Induction Heating for Hardening and Tempering, Bonding by Induction Heating,  Induction Pre-Heating for progressive Forming, Induction Pre-Heating pinion to be spliced, Preheating to polymerize etc.. etc..

el_automotiveAutomotive, Transport & Driven Force

In these sector we distinguish ourself for the support to the most recent technologic needed. Producers of various parts need to find faster and efficient heating technologies to realize their needed. Thermic treatments are requested each time the metal needs to be formed or hardened or annealed or brazed….

Induction technology is also used to produce body and engine parts such as rocker arms, engine shafts, cam shafts, valves, connecting rods, crank shafts, and starting rings. But also levers, screws, rivets and inserts, gears, etc. Finally, shock absorber components are hardened and formed using induction.

el_cesoiein Your Daily

Also the object we commonly use, today just wake up and until night we still use: Flatware, the Hardware for furniture, for doors and windows, the House keys, light bulbs, the Anchors to hang the paintings, the Taps, the Small and the White Household Appliances, The silicon wafers for microchips, etc..

But even our health has benefited from our Induction Heating, in fact some of our customers produce titanium Prostheses and titanium Screws. Some ones else performs the treatment of artificial heart valves.


el_powerElectrical Power and Communication

Some of our customers are involved in the care of our comfort, Manufacturing turbines for producing electricity, High-Voltage Alternators, Photovoltaic panels, Air and Submarine Cables for Transport of High Electrical Power, Cables for transfer of RF signals, etc. .

Every day, everything that we see, we touch, we use, almost certainly has grown in some way by an Induction Heater.

And every day we are called to find a new solution to let this happen