Hardening is a metallurgical and metalworking process used to increase the hardness of a metal; this means that it  will have a higher resistance to plastic deformation.

Induction heating is caused by a recirculation of induced currents in a body to be heated.

Hardening by induction heating, draws benefit to get only surface hardening, to the desired depth, leaving cold the rest of the body. It is intuitive that it obtains a high energy saving  than other systems. Furthermore, if the treatment is part of the production line, it saves time and more money.


Hardening is often used to treat different types of steel to increase hardness.

The steel must be heated to a temperature where the crystalline structure is changed  from ferrite into austenite by the modification in its carbon content. In austenitic form, steel can dissolve a lot more carbon. Once the carbon has been dissolved, the material is then quenched. The last phase needs to be quick to lock the new “martensitic configuration” of the metal (very hard).


What do you mean as “quality process” ?
We think that a “quality process” needs to have some essential caracteristics : it’s rapid, it’s higly efficient, reliable, it’s “without contact”, it’s repeatable.
Last but not least…. you can heat only the specific area you need with great accuracy.

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Material hardening is required for many applications:

  • Construction materials – High strength reduces the need for material thickness which generally saves weight and cost.
  • Machine cutting tools (drill bits, taps, lathe tools) need be much harder than the material they are operating on in order to be effective.
  • Knife blades – a high hardness blade keeps a sharp edge.
  • Bearings – necessary to have a very hard surface that will withstand continued stresses.
  • Armor plating – High strength is extremely important both for bullet proof plates and for heavy duty containers for mining and construction.
  • Anti-fatigue – (Martensitic) case hardening can drastically improve the service life of mechanical components with repeated loading/unloading, such as axles and cogs.


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